Teeth Whitening Rancho Santa Margarita

Professional teeth whitening treatments provide patients with the glamorous and confident smiles they’re looking for. This cosmetic treatment provides a dramatic transformation that improves teeth color and beauty. Our Santa Margarita office delivers the most sensational results with teeth whitening procedures.

During the process, the teeth are covered in a whitening gel that is dried with a specialized light. The gel releases oxygen that removes stains and discoloration in the enamel. The improvement in the color of your smile will be up to 6-10 shades. A fluoride treatment can provide additional bleaching to help sustain the results.

Teeth whitening is one of the most accessible treatments and can be the shortcut to enjoying a whiter smile. You will be provided with special whitening trays for personal care at home. The results of the treatment will be seen after 7-10 days.

To make a brighter looking smile part of your life, you can call us to schedule an appointment. We will provide a comprehensive experience that will leave only the whitest shade of teeth on your face.

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