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Porcelain Veneers Rancho Santa Margarita

Porcelain veneers are produced from thin layers of porcelain material that help conceal undesirable aesthetic features affecting your teeth. They are fitted over the front surface and blend perfectly with your natural smile. Veneers provided at our Santa Margarita office involve advanced technology that helps create exceptional results.

Patients turn to veneers to resolve problems covering discolored or stained teeth, worn teeth, chips, misalignment, and gaps. This cosmetic treatment provides the perfect solution to eliminating aesthetic problems and recovering natural-looking healthy smiles.

The teeth are prepared so the veneers are comfortably applied and do not look heavy. An impression is developed and sent to the lab for the veneers to be fabricated.

During the final visit, the veneers will be evaluated to determine the accurate fit. After being measured, the veneers will be cemented into place. A special light source will be concentrated on the area to harden the cement and secure the bond. Your bite and alignment will be evaluated to make any adjustments. Veneers can sustain a beautiful looking smile for over 15 years.

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