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Dental Implants Rancho Santa Margarita

Dental implants provide one of the best options for restoring missing teeth. Patients see numerous benefits from dental implant treatments. They can help prevent serious diseases and replace unpleasant tooth gaps.

Dental implants stimulate the jaw bone and maintains optimal oral health. The restoration offers a comfortable improvement over the older lost tooth. The crown is then produced after the implant has been secured. It is personalized to match the natural features of your teeth. Dental implants prevent movement of the adjacent teeth, keeping the bite stable and teeth aligned.

The treatment time for dental implants can vary and an evaluation must be performed to determine if you’re ready for the procedure. You will have your health history and jawbone condition evaluated to further outline treatment goals and procedures.

The jawbone and teeth will be adjusted and prepared to receive the implant. It will be affixed to the bone, osseointegration will help the implant fuse with the surrounding bone and gum tissue. A cap will be placed over the implant to hold the crown in place. The results will leave you with a redefined and brightened looking smile.

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