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Dental Fillings Rancho Santa Margarita

A cavity is treated by removing the decayed portion of your tooth and filling it with restoration material. This procedure is called a filling. There are multiple options for the material to be used in the treatment, the most frequent are composite and amalgam fillings.

A composite filling is also known as a tooth colored filling, since the material used in the restoration can emulate the natural color of your teeth. Composite fillings provide excellent durability for small to medium cavities, and the procedure typically involves removing less of a tooth than you would during an amalgam restoration. Thanks to their natural appearance, they can be applied to the front teeth.

When can a composite filling be used for?

  • Decayed teeth(i.e. cavity)
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Reducing gaps between teeth

How it is done

The area where the filling will be placed and numbed, any decayed portions are removed. A substance is then applied to help open up the pores of your teeth for a stronger bond, a special light is then used to harden the bonding material. Once this is complete, the filling is applied in incremental thin layers. After the composite has hardened, the filling will be smoothed and polished to be comfortable and fit your bite.

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