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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding provides a cosmetic restoration that fixes minor defects and dental cavities. The procedure involves durable composite material that are matched to the shade of your teeth and applied to the enamel. Our dental bonding procedures in Santa Margarita provide a number of benefits and improvements to our patients’ smiles.

The benefits of dental bonding includes protection against minor tooth imperfections and a cosmetic improvement that matches your natural tooth color. Dental bonding is not an extensive process and requires only a single visit to the dentist.

The best candidates for dental bonding are patients with a history of good oral and physical health, seeking a cosmetic improvement, and have realistic expectations about the results. After the dentist has evaluated the situation, the teeth will be prepared for the procedure.

During the process, the tooth will be shaped and roughened, conditioning will additionally be applied. The tooth-colored composite material will be applied and smoothened. Several layers of composite material will be used to create the best results. The procedure does not introduce any pain, but slight discomfort may be experienced during the roughening process.

After the procedure, you can enjoy a healthier and better-looking smile without any special care. You can continue to practice effective dental hygiene.