Sedation dentistry is provided to patients who cannot receive essential treatments because of high anxiety regarding dentists and dental care. There are various sedation options available to help patients improve their well-being and comfort during treatment.

Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that helps patients relieve nervous feelings and anxiety during treatment. Oral conscious sedation is available for patients who are more hesitant to receive care. The types of sedation can range from high to low depending on the amount of doses provided.

If you choose to receive a small amount of sedation, you can opt for oral conscious sedation taken through pills. This is provided about an hour before the dental treatment is initiated. You may feel drowsiness during the procedure, but your body will remain conscious. You will not feel or experience any direct sensations under this effect.

You can also take additional medications to help you relax and maintain low anxiety. Oral conscious sedation is recommended for procedures consuming more time and resources.

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