Emergency dental care is a necessity when there is a serious condition affecting your gums, teeth, and mouth. These problems can be surprise you and arise without early symptoms. Emergency dental concerns include tooth decay, sudden pain, trauma, and knocked out teeth. These conditions can impact your overall health as well.

We are an emergency dentist office based in Mission Viejo and treat a number of serious problems that are ongoing or a risk in the future. Our doctors and dental team treat tooth decay, tooth pain, trauma, and knocked out teeth. These conditions present a serious risk to both your dental and overall health. Thanks to the experience of our team, we have saved the smiles of numerous patients that have walked into our office.

We can treat various emergency dental health problems to ensure the well-being of your oral health. We are dedicated to preventing dental emergencies from harming your overall wellbeing. If you experience a sudden dental problem, please call us for immediate care.

Mission Viejo Emergency Dentist